How to use multiple monitors? or can I?

Just wondering, I am new to Sketchup, So far I am liking it. In the animation program I use, I can open different views on each screen. such as, (running 3 monitors) left I can set up to look at the front, center I can set up as a top down view, and right screen I can set up as a side view. is that possible with Sketchup? or would i have to open three diff. web browsers for that to happen?

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Free which is web based. That version runs in a browser window. Is that what you are actually using?

No matter which you can’t open multiple SketchUp windows of the same model as you are thinking. You can fake it with multiple copies of a component rotated so you can see them from different angles but that’s not the same. I would suggest you take some time to go through the educational materials at and on the SketchUp YouTube channel. I expect you’ll find that it’s easier to work in the model when you are using SketchUp the way it is designed to work with a perspective view of the model.

Thank you for the reply, and that is what I had to do with the animation program was rotate to what I wanted to view, on what screen!

yes that is correct on the browser or Scetchup Free.

it is not really a big deal, was just wondering. I will take a look at your site you sent and see if I can do the triple Monitors thing. but again not really a big deal. (guess I just got spoiled if you will with being able to work in 3d space with three monitors.)

The link I sent you has tutorials for using SketchUp. Not for doing “the triple monitor thing.”

You can probably make your browser window large enough to cover all three displays but that’s not going to get you three separate windows showing the model.

I presume you are using SketchUp as a hobby sort of thing since you are using the free web version. Instead of trying to make it do something it doesn’t, learn how to use it correctly. That will make your hobby more enjoyable.

Yes, just for fun. and again, just wondering is all. thank you again for the reply.