Proposal to create new extension - views


Hello, everybody.

I have a proposal to develop new feature or extension to enable Sketchup User of having 4 different views at a time. This is exactly as other 3D software such as 3D Max, Maya and Blender.

Actually, this will facilitate the modeling work and make if fast.

Waiting for your reply and have a good day.



I think the way most SU users see it, SU’s single-view, full-time 3D interface is the thing that puts it head and shoulders above all the other applications you mentioned. That full-time 3D interface, combined with SU’s inference engine to control location and orientation, are the revolutionary improvements that make SU so easy and intuitive to use, because it mimics the real-world 3D environment you live and work in every day.

So now you casually come along and suggest that SU drop its revolutionary interface in favor of the outdated multi-pane interface of more primitive 3D apps. Frankly, I’m dubious that your suggestion will be adopted.



I do understand your idea, yes it much more easy to work in one interface by controlling the direction and location at the same time. Some users they different scenes for this purpose. I just proposed this idea because sometimes you need to see iso with 2d working the same time especially that SU geometry if object have no surface it is like flying out in the sky. We will wait to see feedback from other SU Users here in the forum.

Thanks for all.


I agree with Gully, the one view in SU is just why I work with SU.


I really respect your opinions. I have a question for you guys:
You need to say that, when you are modeling you just set your camera to “Perspective” all the time and and not shifting to “Parallel Projection” for any type of purpose at any point of time?!

Appreciating your prompt feedback.


I also agree with Gully. I.M.O. working in 3D all the time is more intuitive than jumping back and forth between 3D and 3 pane ortho views. They are available anyway. In the rare ocation that you can’t do without them, combine instances of 90 degrees rotated components in a scene. selecting that scene could give you TOP (top+front+left+right+back+bottom) and even (+iso) if you set up things right just once.

Most of the time I use ‘Perspective’, FOV around 35 degrees. In scenes you can have standard views with ‘Parallel Projection’ only one click away. And as mentioned above, multi views if set up right.


This is not something an extension could (reasonably well) achieve.

I also agree that perspective gives you the feeling of space necessary to know where you draw something. It is rather the case that you need more views when working in iso or 90°.


Thank you indeed Mr. Wo3Dan & Mr. Aerilius for your valuable comments and advises. Hoping to see your coming useful posts in Sketchup Forum.

Have a nice day.


I only use parallel projection for creating drawings in layout.
Using a 3d mouse helps a lot with working in 1 view.


I use parallel projection to help shape a selection window so that it propagates straight back instead of expanding like one’s cone of vision, allowing the user to slice straight back along his line of sight. This makes selecting geometry cored out by an Intersect command much easier and more precise. I also use parallel projection to trace objects from a distance without distortion.

For all situations involving normal “seeing,” I always use perspective.



I work almost identically to Gully. I save plan and other 2D views but use them almost exclusively for output.