2d only in the advanced versions?

I use SketchUp for woodworking projects. Woodworking is my hobby, I’m a retired IT freak living in Spain.

Currently i am using version 2017 Desktop. I miss the possibility to generate 2D plans. As fare as i understand, the Shop version (web) does not have this feature. Therefore its almost unusable.

Do i really have to pay 300USD per year (for the pro version) just to get this feature?

In all versions of SketchUp, you can set parallel projection and choose one of the principal views (front, side, top, etc.) to create 2D plans.

The main advantage of Pro is that you also get LayOut, which is specifically designed for this kind of documentation task. Among other things, it allows you to easily set a precise scaling for output, which is more awkward in the web and Make versions.

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You can make the same kind of 2D plans in SketchUp Shop as you can in SketchUp 2017 Make.

As Steve wrote, LayOut is designed for creating documentation for things such as plans from SketchUp models. Here are a couple of pages from a plan I did a little while back in SketchUp and LayOut. I’ve turned off dimensions and notes containing dimensions for obvious reasons. Similar work can be done in SketchUp Make and SketchUp Shop but would be extremely awkward and much more time consuming.

To realize a project one needs drawing, 2D, with three views and measures. Parallel projection is 3D too. Is there really no way to get a drawing out of non-pro version?

You should be able to get what you need out of the free version for your hobbyist needs. Both 2D and 3D image exports of your model are possible.

I would guess you’d like to be able to create 2D views like these? This can be done in the free version. These are views from the 3D model. If you value your time, LayOut would make it much easier and faster but again, it can be done with the free version…

I’ve removed dimensions and other information since we’re only talking about views of the model.

What do you mean? Every drawing that depicts accurately a real world object must use a projection method.
There is no difference between the “basic” and “advanced” versions of SketchUp in this respect. All display views of 3D models. The Pro version comes with LayOut that allows you to place several of these views on a single sheet. For a simple object like a woodworking project a 3-view drawing can be simulated by placing copies of the object side by side in different rotations so a single “plan” view, for instance, can display the object from different directions. The view below was done entirely without any “Pro” features.

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Exactly! I’m using (just for testing) SketchUp free (web). 2d export returns a message saying that one should use the Shop version.
Export as PNG gives the option to select a view, but always is a parallel projection, which i do not want.

Parallel Projection is what you do want if you want 2D views of your model.

You can set the camera to Parallel Projection in the Scenes panel.
Screenshot - 11_27_2020 , 1_14_21 PM

Select the appropriate standard view. Here I’ve selected the Front view.

And in the image export:

This is from a 3D model, though.

Interesting!! I’m using the free web version, with it i do not have the option to select the view when exporting to png. (and i cannot find how i could insert a screen shot here!)

Captura 2020-11-27 a las 22.30.51

Select Parallel Projection and the appropriate standard view in the Scenes panel on the right as I showed above. Then export the image.

Got it, Dave, thank you!
Although it’s not exactly what i’m looking for. On the Trimble/Sketchup page where it explains what wonderful features there are for woodworkers… i hoped that they are available for hobbyists.

They are available for hobbyists. You can make the settings I showed in the free web version. It’s also available in SketchUp 2017 Make which is also available free for hobbyists.

Of course LayOut is a pro-only feature but if your time has any value and/or you want the capabilities it offers, it’s not that expensive.

This conversation seems to be going in circles. Could you show us some images of what you mean by “2D Plans”? Then we could either show you how to create them or admit the web SketchUp can’t do that.

Even with access to LayOut, many of my models move into the shop as images exported directly from SU. Parallel Projection and a few dimensions works great on a lot of jobs.


With plan i mean drawings showing an object from three sites, plus details plus cuts. With hidden lines, measures, bill of materials and comments. Made for the workshop that is going to realize the object.

Sure, that is working. At the moment i’m looking for optimal solucion. Finally i will use what what is available…