Difficulty Creating 2D Floor Plan in SketchUp Free Version

I’m relatively new to SketchUp and have been using the free version to work on a project. However, I’m facing a challenge when it comes to creating a 2D floor plan. When I hit “New,” I only see three template options: “Simple Template - Feet and Inches,” “Simple Template - Millimeters,” and “Simple Template - Meters.” MyGreatLakes

I’ve tried exploring different menus and settings, but I couldn’t find a way to specifically create a 2D floor plan. Anyone suggest me please?

Sketchup is a 3D software and its UI is designed to make 3D objects easily and intuitively, however it’s possible to create 2D drawings, there’s not a exclusive template for that, you’ll have to choose any template then set a top view, change from perspective to parallel projection and start drawing, if you orbit by accident you’ll have to go to top view again, for 2D drawings is better just to pan to navigate through your drawing, you must hold shift before middle click or use the pan tool. The problem you’ll have with sketchup for 2D drawing is that you can’t set different line widths to prioritize the objects on the drawing which is very important on an architectural drawing.

I suggest you to try sketchup pro, you can make a 3D model there then use scenes and sections to create the drawings you need, send it to LayOut, a software included with sketchup pro, there you can create great drawings, set line weights and styles, add measurements, labels and anything an architectural document needs to have, you can export it to pdf, dwg, dxf or as images like jpg or png. I’ve created all my projects for the last 12 years using exclusively sketchup and layout included two thesis.

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