Sketchup Free for 2D Architectural Plan?

Hey guys, I am new to the community and just learning SketchUp. I am currently using sketchup free to model my unfinished basement. Once I am done modeling it, I would like to create 2D floor plans so that I can send the floor plans to contractors to get pricing for the work in my basement. I have not found a way in Sketchup Free to do this. Is the only way to pay for Sketchup Pro?


You can create scenes showing the plan and elevation views and then export PNG images that you can print or add into something like a Word document from which you can create a PDF to send to the contractors.

With SketchUp Pro you would have LayOut which would be the tool of choice to create the plans. Much easier to create scaled views of your model and add dimensions and such. It would also maintain a dynamic link from SketchUp so if you have some reason to change the model after you’ve created the plan, the plan can be updated quickly and easily to reflect those changes.