Sketchup for Web: How can I start out in 2D to get my dimensions drawn (or how to look straight down in 3D)?


I try using the 3D rotating tool to change my perspective to where I can look straight down but it takes forever. All I want to do is just draw my 2D dimensions for an L-shaped workshop.



Go to the Views panel on the right side and select Parallel Projection or not and Top view.

You can work in normal perspective view with an oblique angle and model, too. You aren’t required to use a 2D view for starting your model.


Excellent! Thank you!



One further tip: if you go to that top/orthographic view and then click the + button in the Views panel, you can create a Scene for your SketchUp model. This will jump you back to that top “2D” drawing camera angle whenever you need.