Plan View Rotation

There has got to be an easy way to do a basic view rotation like with most all CADD software. I’ve reached out to Sketchup Pro help and have gotten nowhere, in fact, my last plea for help went unanswered and I’m paying the annual fee for upgrade and service? I am currently running Sketchup Pro 2016
Anyway, I’ve read about a plug-in but am not going to pay additional fees to join a sketchup club. I read about changing axis and have tried swapping my red and green accordingly but the plan view remains the same. Is there a simple way to do a view rotation of 90 degrees? Short of that I guess the only option is to rotate the entire active file 90 degrees.
Thank You for any help on this.

What club?

There’s TIG’s Rotate Plan View available through Sketchucation that would do what you need. It’s available at no charge although you do need to be a registered member. There’s no required membership fee, though.


Swap the axes red/green as you said. Then right click on any of the three axes in empty space to get a view that has the green axis pointing up on screen. Select ‘Align View’ in the context menu that appears. Save a scene to return to.
In general: redraw the axes in a way that green points up in your future/desired view on screen. And then right click an axis in empty space and select to align the view via context menu.
B.t.w. SketchUcation is a free forum.

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Thanks for input everyone. I tried and tried on the axes and align view method, rotating the green axis in all conceivable orientations but could never get the plan to simply rotate? I did however hear back from Sketchup help today and was sent a simple video clip on rotating the plan view in Layout. It’s that simple. I knew there had to be a simple way to do this! I hope this helps others!

When I tried to click on the link for SketchUcation it came up with three different payment options? OK, now when I go back I see there is a small note to join the basic service for free. Thanks!

In case someone else comes along.