How to change view from top


By default when I open model and click the icon on the left side (Top) the model is orientated like that on the figure on left. How to you switch to see the model with 90° rotation like on the figure on the right?

This was always big fight (a lot of effort) when I try to rotate the view when I need to watch it from top, keeping all “lines” paralel.

Still using SU 8.

then save the Scene.

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Sorry, this does not work for me. I have tryied this using Axes tool with various location of axis, and then I have followed your instruction with place -> align command. Then when I click top - I always go to the position/view as the original one.

In Google SketchUp 8, I can repeat the action and it works every time. Right-click over one of the axis.

My oldie Rotate Plan View let’s you do this.
It’s not signed so use Extension Manager > Loading Policy > Unrestricted…

Set up a standard plan view etc, run the tool, enter the desired angle - in your case 90 or 180 °
Zoom in/out as needed…
Save that view to a [new] scene-tab…

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I cannot recall what to do with *.rbz . This to copy to plugin folder and restart SU?

Use SketchUp’s Extension Manager’s button to Install the extension, pick the RBZ when prompted and it installs - with all of the newer SketchUp versions you never need to mess on with the Plugins folder.
Even the newer v8 versions allow this - the Install option is under Preferences > Extensions…
But if you have a very very old v8 [no real excuse for having this!] - then you do need to change the .RBZ file suffix to .ZIP, unzip it and add the resulting RB file etc into your Plugins folder manually and restart SketchUp…

So it installed to View menu. It’s easy to use. Thank you.