Top View adjustment


It could be very simple but I don’t know how to do it.
This is just for illustration.
I have a rectangle box, flat on the floor.
I right click on the axes and ‘place’ it at another corner, set the red and the green axes. Right click the axes again and set ‘align view’.
Nice, it rotates what I need.

Because I don’t know why, if I select ‘top view’, it jumps back to the old situation. So oke, I will start making a scene, not here but in SU. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I save the scene name top view. Works, but not really desired.

How can I rotate the top view forever?

What exact version are you using? With the 2022 version, the standard views should respect the model axes, where before you did have to align view and cresat a scene.

Are you changing the model axes or is the box grouped?

I am using SU 2021.
I want to/do change the model axes in this case. It happens with pure geometry, groups and components.

Al said by @MikeWayzovski, for standard views SketchUp versions before 2022 only respect the system’s axes, not the current drawing axes. Your described method (desired axes orientation where green and red are in the screen plane and green towards the top of the screen) and then ‘Align View’ is the way to go for pre-2022 versions.

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I was ‘almost’ sure I could do something like that in the past.

Does some one know of a ruby script that, rotates the view without disturbing the camera view/angle?
Or, is there a way to rotate the camera to see the top view rotated, using ruby? Then with a button I can do that and save it as a scene. If I do it by hand I always got some problems.

Is there some Ruby script that move’s the view to “Solar North”

I will try to move this to the Ruby topics.

No need for that.
It looks like i’am a TIG fan. I did found his rotate view script, looks like I can copy that and make one with a default rotation degree that I need for this model file.
Thank you all, and TIG.