Can we rotate 90° when we are in top view just with 1 click?

is there a way to make a rotation of 90° when we are in top view just with 1 click? in autocad i was used to click on this wheel (cf attached)

thanks a lot !

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Not natively with one click. It is possible to rotate the camera for the top view natively, just not with one click.

You could use TIG’s Rotate Plan View. It has a toolbar button or you can set up a keyboard shortcut for it.


You may want to read about this topic.

With a little preparation each saved top view (or any) angle is just one scene tap click away.

With informative naming, such as: +30 degrees, +75 or the appropriate name, you can set up different drawing axes per saved scene, say if your building consists of different wings that require drawing along a different angle in top view (as an example)

This has been a frustration for me since day one, so I use the workaround using scenes (which needs to be recreated for each new model). Given how often I see this request, it seems odd that SU hasn’t provided an in-program fix along the lines of the OP’s autocad example. A non-orbit rotate function would be awesome–even a simple one. image




Very cool! How are you doing that?

Never mind. Just saw your post above which showed as deleted when I first read the posts.

Is there any access to this extension without paying $75 to register with SketchUcation? No doubt it’s a good value for many, but as a part-time SU user it’s a little steep.

What do the first 6 words on the page you landed on say?

Not sure what you’re implying. Upon registration, the next screen was this:

At this point I didn’t know the cost, so I clicked PayPal knowing I could back out if too much. The next screen revealed the $75 cost. I never had any other choices or different options. No kidding–I’m not an idiot. However, I just went back in now and the paywall was gone, so the point is moot. Evidently the website glitched. I don’t know what 6 words you’re referring to, but it sure seems belittling.

Well yes, it wasn’t very polite, but there has been an endless stream of people over the years getting to this page and only seeing the subscribe option.

The free option used to be in the text after the big subscribe options but they moved it to the top.

If you did get to another page then my apologies.


Thank you. I never saw this page which is why I proceeded with the payment process just to find out the cost. Seemed odd…

Very cool extension! Every time I’ve seen the rotate plan feature requested, I always see the suggestion for creating a rotated scene. This is the first time (for me) learning of this tool. Thank you!

Thank you very much. I am looking for this feature for so long.
This plug in works well.

This plugin has been available at Sketchucation for more than 10 years. You might want to spend some time looking through what is available in the Sketchucation Plugin Store. Maybe there are others you’ve been looking for.

Thanks a lot ! that’s perfect !
only 1 small flaw : it takes quite some second before it adjust my layout (probably due to the heavy file