Rotate view (camera) by 90 degrees



I am using SketchUp to draw a 2D floor plan. I can easily set the camera view as required by using Camera/Standard Views/Top.

It would be very useful to be also able to rotate the view (rotate the camera around its axis of view) by 90 °. Unfortunately the only suitable single-step tool for this seems to be Camera/Orbit which has these disadvantages:

  • The Orbit tool does not snap according to the Enable Angle Snapping setting (or other similar). I would like to do a perfect 90° rotation to avoid jagged and tilted lines.
  • With the Orbit tool I am not sure if a did rotate only around the blue axis (perpendicular to my drawing plane). Otherwise the 2D image gets distorted.
  • It seems that it is not possible to control the Orbit tool from the keyboard.

I have found this multi-step solution:

For all the rotations I would like to use I can create scenes and then I can use PageUp / PageDown to switch them but the initial configuration is not as simple as I would like. Is not there a better solution (a free extension)?


I didn’t immediately understand that you were talking about remaining in a top down view, but turning your downward view by 90 degrees. At first I thought you could just use a Side view, and you would have your 90 degrees rotation!

Assuming I’ve got it now, and you want to rotate your downward view, I don’t know of a way to make the camera do exactly that. You could do the steps you showed and then create a Scene. After that you only have to click on the scene’s tab to go to that view point.

Another work around would be to put the whole floor plan into a group, which you could easily rotate with the Move tool to get it to any angle.


there is a plugin by @jim_foltz called Quick Camera Rotate 90 (Roll) not sure it’s v15 ready, but you can try it and report back…


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@john_drivenupthewall Seems to work as-is, yes.


Here’s another…

Rotate Plan View v1.1 SketchUp plugin by TIG

It’s been long, but I have no recollection of rotating my 400 pound Hamilton drafting table or ever wanting to.


And there is Thomthoms Camera Tools with a roll function for any angle and other useful functions…


Geo, you could presumably have stood at the side of your drafting table.