How to turn view about 90deg along axis Z after pushing Top Button in Views toolbar?

Is there possibility to make it in Ruby easily?

There are several camera tools that can do this on the Extensions Warehouse and SketchUcation store. Did you try searching for one?

A quick forum search can reveal wonders …

The link FTR, is: Quick Camera Rotate 90 (Roll)

In case you don’t always want to rotate the camera exactly 90 degrees I made an extension that creates a top view that is rotated to match the current view as it was when using the extension: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

If you want to do it yourself in ruby you can look at the Camera#set method: Class: Sketchup::Camera — SketchUp Ruby API Documentation. The up argument can be any vector that isn’t parallel to the cameras viewing direction (eye - target).

You are GREAT!

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