Rotating a view

Maybe this is a rookie question - sorry!!!.. but i set up my model using geolocate, then set my axes so i could draw a building that wasn’t aligned north south. So i now want to set up orthogonal views to export to Layout.
The elevations are easy - i can go Standard Views - front - and that gives me a view slightly

angled away from me, but if i select one surface and right click Align view, it faces me and I have a proper elevation. Cool.
My plans (ground floor, first floor, roof) are view aligned already, the floor plane is perpendicular to the camera so with perspective turned off, its a proper plan, except its twisted at about 20 degrees from the vertical.
Here it is in Layout. Do i fix the view in SketchUp or in Layout?? and how?!!

I would adjust the camera position for the scene in SketchUp. Christina has an extension that will make that easy. It’s called Relative Top View.

There’s a Sketchup plugin by TIG that deals with this.

Available from the SketchUcation Plugin Store (not the Extension Warehouse).