How to set Front, Back, Left, and Right views?

I wanted to have sun shadows that were appropriate for my house (which is not oriented North-South-East-West.

Using Geolocation, I set the location of my house model by importing the Google image.
I then rotated my house so that it was oriented as per the Google image.

Shadows look great now.

I then changed RGB axes so that they are oriented with the rotated house foundation, so that creating new lines worked with the re-oriented foundation.

Now my Front, Back, Left, and Right views are skewed.

Is there a way to twist my F, B, L, and R views so that they are perpendicular to the appropriate walls?


You can’t change the standard views but you can context flick on a face and choose Align View to get the camera positioned as needed. Then create a scene for that camera position. Note that it is a face you must be clicking on, not a group or component. Zoom extents as needed after positioning the camera.

Yo can also align view to a section cut.

Her is a handy extension from Chris Fullmer called Extended-Views that sets the views based on the orientation of the modeling axis


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Thanks Chris, this is just what I hoped I’d find.



Is this still true in 2019, even in sketchup pro? It seems a bit crazy that you can geo-loc, change axes positions… but not re-align view after doing so.
It’s quite annoying. Ok you can add scenes (I do) but the orbit tool does not work well when you’re not aligned to the standard views.

Can you elucidate? This shouldn’t be a problem. Orbiting isn’t related to views, is it?

I’ve seen cases where it appears that orbiting doesn’t work right. In all cases it’s because the user drew the model with its front facing up instead of modeling in the correct orientation.

OK… I have to admit that maybe you’re right. maybe!

I just open my files to try to reproduce my problem, thinking “who is he thinking I am, I’ve been drawing on sketchup for 10 years!”… And I could not!

So I did not draw like you said (I already have and I know what you mean). But the only way for me to reproduce the “wrong” orbiting I was thinking about, is when I’m starting from the “top” view and try to navigate. So I guess that’s how it is supposed to work, and pbacot was right too. the orbiting works fine even when you change the model orientation.

still… too bad the views shortcut do not re-align when you move your axes.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by this. In the previous posts you were talking about orbiting, which is quite different from moving your axes and should have no effect on what the standard view shortcuts do. But, if you have moved your axes, the standard view shortcuts still work in the unmodified global axes, not your new “drawing axes”. If that’s what you meant, yes it’s a known behavior.

Iḿ almost certain that’s what he/she meant. Standard views are always tight SketchUp’s system’s axes.

Two ways to get other aligned views:
_ right click a (facade) face and select ‘Align View’ to get its elevetion view.
(applies to any face to get an ortogonal view in 'Parallel Projection)
Save scenes in time for future use!
_ redraw the axes in your rotated model in a way that green points in a direction that needs to be up on screen in your next needed orthogonal view. Right click on an axis in empty space and select ‘Align View’. Green will now be pointing up on screen. Save this scene for future use!

This can be a problem–similar to what I was describing when you try to orbit over the top.

I guess the thing to remember is that the standard views are fixed as is the location of the ground plane. By default, the blue axis is vertical, the solid green runs off into the distance with the standard Front view, and the red/green plane is positioned on the ground plane. The axes, however, do not drive the views. they are only for reference.

I know you can make new scenes. I do. But I find it weird that the standard views are “unmovable” while the axes can ben changed. I don’t really understand why they do not follow the new axe placement.

I’m not saying it’s a huge issue, or an outrage or whatever :slight_smile: I’m just surprised it behave like this.