Changed axes, standard views don't re-align

I changed the axes to match the orientation of a house from google earth but now when I click on a standard view (such as the top view), the camera is still oriented relative to the original axes.

Is there any way to re-orient the standard views?

If you copy all, and paste into a new file, it’ll copy over with the new axes and you should get what you want. I don’t know about changing the existing standard views in your case. And I’m not sure how that would effect your model’s geo-location in terms of orientation (north/south)

Hi Chris,

The Camera > Standard Views are permanently tied to the inalterable world axes.
This extension by Chris Fullmer may be of interest: CLF Extended Views
It creates new standard views that support user defined axes.


Unfortunately, the CLF Extended View extension is not working for me (using SketchUp 2018).