Standard camera views and changing the axes

When I go to Camera, Standard Views, and select Top it resets my view. I wanted to reset this view so that my default has north facing upwards, not the way it is right now.

So I figured out north and drew a rectangle facing in the correct direction relative to something on my house. So now I know which direction is north, it’s a 15 degree angle from my front door.

So I thought if I re-drew the axes on this new rectangle, that the next time I used the orbit tool I could reset my standard view back to top and my north arrow would now be pointed straight.

That is not the case, so I guess I do not understand how to change the default orientation.


I figured it out. I just selected everything and used the rotate tool, which allowed me to align everything correctly to north like I wanted. This is a 2D plan, so I just rotated everything.

Worked for me!

You can use the plugin camera tools (Thomthom) to rotate the view in top view (in your case 15°) and create a scene to switch back to that view if needed.