Set geolocation now views are wrong


I started making my house model, then decided to Geolocate it. Obviously the real site wasn’t exactly north south, so I had to select all my house parts and rotate them so that they matched the site orientation. so now my shadows are in the right direction!
But now, if i select Camera > Standard Views > Front, so that I can export the front elevation to Layout, its not the Front elevation any more, its twisted.
Have I done things in the wrong order?


Nope. The standard view directions are fixed. The standard Front view will always be such that the default red axis runs right to left and the default solid green runs into the distance. You can set appropriate views by right clicking on a face and selecting Align view. Then create or update the scene.

In LayOut, make sure you are selecting the scene from the drop down list. Do not select the view from the Standard Views menu. Actually, if you use scenes correctly in SU and use them for your viewports in LO, there’s no need to ever touch the Standard Views menu in LO.


Brilliant. Thankyou!


No you didn’t and shouldn’t have. You should rotate all the “parts” back to align with the global axis.

THEN, set the solar north angle properly to align the model with the GeoLocation. It is easiest is to use Trimble’s little plugin (that used to come with SketchUp, … but now you need to install it yourself.)

To set it manually, via the Ruby console …

Sketchup.active_model.shadow_info["DisplayNorth"]= true
Sketchup.active_model.shadow_info["NorthAngle"]= 5.0

The angle will be positive clockwise from SketchUp’s Y_AXIS (0.0).

Ie, 90.0 degrees would rotate your model 1/4 turn to the left (counterclockwise) in Google Earth, as it would set the North Angle to be along SketchUp’s X_AXIS.