Setting Geolocation for correct Shadows messes up the Views


I have a model which I am trying to geolocate and orient properly so I can get correct shadows. But when I do that, the Views (Top, Front, Back etc) are no longer properly aligned. I changed the global axis, which didn’t help.

What should I do to achieve this?

I am using SU2018.


The standard views are not attached to the axis orientation. They are fixed in the model space. Changing the global axis orientation makes no difference. The standard views are also not affected by geo-location. You can align the camera with faces in the model if you want.

Please update your forum profile. It says you are using 2017 Make.

Thanks. So once you geolocate a model the View buttons stop working as they should and there is no way to fix it?

No. That’s not true. The standard views work as they should. Geo-location has no effect on the standard views. The Front view always points the camera the same direction regardless of geo-location. I think your mistake is thinking that the standard views are supposed to be controlled by the axis orientation or by geo-location. That’s just not the case. All three are independent of each other.

When the axes are in their normal default orientation and location, the red axis runs left to right in the standard Front view and the positive green axis runs away from the viewer into the distance.

If the front of your structure is not parallel to the red axis when the axis is in its default orientation, the Front view won’t show you the front of the building. You need to either choose another standard view or you need to align the view with a face on the building.

Also, it’s worth noting that global axis orientation has no bearing on shadows.

If you want to change the direction of solar north in your model you can use the Solar North plugin from the Extension Warehouse.

By the way, you might have a look at CLF Extended Views from the Extension Warehouse.

Thanks. I think I got it working.