Model Orientation

i am struggling with the orientation of this model. when i originally started drawing it i used the geo location because it is an existing building. i then changed the axis (so i thought) to make it easier to model but now my standard camera views are all based off of the original axis. how do i change everything to be square off the building?

The standard views are based on the underlying model axes, not the visible drawing context. A lot of people have asked for this to be changed as it simply isn’t intuitive or useful.

Normally you’d not do this. You model the building using the world axis regarding Y as North (or close to it as possible. Then you set the North Angle off the Y axis using the Solar North extension.

You can correct things by resetting the drawing axes to the base model axis (right-click on any of the axis and choose Reset.) Then rotate the entire model (make sure you have everything unhidden and selected,) back on axes.

Then set the North Angle using the Solar North extension.