Add Location - Rotate Model?

Does anyone know when using the new 2024 Add Location whether it is possible to rotate your location map to match your model?
I think this feature was available during testing, but it seems to be no longer available.

At the moment I am importing the location then having to rotate my model in SketchUp to suit, seems very awkward.

I’ve barely touched 2024, but for a long time now, my workflow is to have two SU files for a project; one file for the building has the axes make sense for the building, not the site or north, and another model of the site based on geolocation, and not rotated for the sake of the building. The building gets turned into a component, imported to the site model, then it is rotated relative to the site rather than the other way around. The component connection works like a reference file.

In short, I adopted a workflow where I don’t feel the need to rotate the site to suit the building geometry. Would such an approach be a consideration?

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Thanks RT, your work around would resolve my issue, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

The location maps import set to solar north (orange axis available at view>True North). This makes all your shadow study information correct. Best practice would be to move/rotate the building to fit the terrain so shadows are correct. However, once you building is placed correctly relative to the terrain you can use the axis tool or right click on any axis line and choose place to set the world axis at any corner of your building. This will allow you to work square to your building while not affecting true north (orange axis does not move), standard views will respect the new set axis. In this way you can work easily on the building and have accurate shadows, only one model required.



Maybe for your next project, set the geolocation before modeling the building so you can get the orientation correct. After you have that set up, orient the model axes so the red axis is parallel to the front of the building. If you don’t want to see the geo-location imagery, turn off the tags/tag folder. Or unlock the terrai and imagery groups so you can delete them. The model will still be geolocated and properly located when you re-add the geolocation later.

Thanks Gents all great work arounds :+1:

For me I use multiple models. The arch drawings get a lot of detail, then I can get rid of unwanted tags and detail for the S drawings (and add more detail that doesn’t need to be in the A drawings) and for the site (when I need to do them) I bring in only the exterior stuff and position it as a component on the terrain.

We removed the functionality because the way that we implemented it caused issues with latitude/longitude conversion in the ruby API, and we couldn’t fix that in time for the 2024.0 release date.

Thanks for providing some good workarounds in this thread people!

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The lack of map rotation is indeed problematic if you don’t know exactly where North is on a model. Rotating the model in relation to the axes or using two models doesn’t suit me. To help me in my work, I’ve developed a plugin to match the map and the model. The principle is as follows.

  1. I locate the model on the map and import the map (it’s not correctly oriented, that’s normal).

  2. I set two points to indicate a direction reference on the map (in this example, the front of the building on the map).

  3. On my model, I indicate with two other points what corresponds to this reference (here, the front facade of my model).

  4. North is now correctly defined in the model.

  5. I remove the location data (do not reset the North Offset!).

  6. I geolocate my model again: the orientation is now correct.

:thinking:Question: would you be interested in this extension? I could share it but I’d like to know if it’s worth the effort :relieved:.

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I’m missing this feature as well. :frowning:

Yes, i am missing it as well. I think this is an important feature for geolocating a model. Any ideas when it will be added back in? @daniel_pidcock

This was some feature in 2024 Beta that isn’t in the release?

Sorry, but I can’t reveal any scheduling details here.

But we also think it is an important feature for geolocation!


@Wisext I was hoping that the native solution would be resolved soon, and without knowing when it will come out I cant help you decide if it is worth your effort or not. But I can say I would find this extension useful for sure if you do decide to release it!

Thanks Daniel, I understand. Here is to hoping it is released soon. :beers:

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At @zAppledot’s request, I’ve provided the tool for matching orientations. You’ll find it in version 0.701.5 of the extension suite I’m developing under the name “Find And Report”. I’ve placed it in the “Face Orientation Checker” tool. You’ll find more details here: Matching map and model orientations - Wisext.

Find And Report is available for free on the Extension Warehouse and SketchUcation Store Extension.
Version 0.701.5 is now available from the SketchUcation Store Extension. If you’re using the Sketchup Extension Warehouse, it’s still version 0.701.4. To get the latest version, you can update it via the menu Extensions >> Find And Report >> About the Wisext tools >> Search fo an update.

I hope this release will help some SketchUp users. Don’t hesitate to report suggestions and bugs.


Thanks @Wisext! I just tested it out and I think this will come in very handy next time i geolocate a model! Cheers for helping out the community :beers:

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@zAppledot , that kind of thank-you is always appreciated. In over 10 years of developing and distributing free extensions, I can count these thanks on the fingers of one hand. I say this without bitterness: it’s just an observation :relieved:. And offering to have a beer touches the Belgian in me :beers:

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