Solar North - A simple explanation?

This is really confusing.

I want to be able to work on my model lined up with my red and green axis top to bottom and right to left.

Now I import the location which obviously is inserted with north in the correct position.

Either the terrain get rotated which throws out the shadow calculation, or
I rotate the building which makes modelling awkward, or
there perhaps is a SIMPLE functional add-on that allows one to model in ortho (up/down - left/right) with the cadastral information electronically adjusted.

Perhaps someone can explain this in VERY simple terms.


You can use the solar north plugin from SketchUp

Unlock the terrain component, rotate it however you want it, activate the tool in the middle of the Solar North toolbar, click on either of the two south side corners of the terrain and finally click on the corresponding north side corner of the terrain.

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You can rotate your building to any angle that suits you, without the terrain. Then use the axis tool to reset your axis (red green blue) to match the rotated building. This will give you the familiar working relationship to the building while leaving the terrain and shadows in place.

If you want to keep things simple, then, manually geo-locate the model.
Don’t clutter the model by using Add Location

In SketchUp Pro…
Window > Model Info > Geo-location > Advanced Settings > Set Manual Location

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