Rotate sun in locked geo located model


I have a complex 3D model of a new project that my firm is working on. The image I want of the north side of the buildings is in shadow if I use the typical sun dialogue box. Can I twist the ground or rotate the sun so that the north elevation can face south and I can highlight - illuminate the north elevation?

Please let me know.


Both your ideas should work. I don’t know where your model is geo-located. When I start a new Sketchup model, it defaults to the Denver Colorado area. I can then use a dialog box (Shadows tray in SU 2016) to change the time of day, which re-positions the sun. I can also use that shadows tray to change the day of year. If I set the month to July (summer in the northern hemisphere) and a set the time to either early morning or late in the evening, I can set the shadows so that they have a south component. Is that good enough?

To really make shadows fall to the south even more, I geo-located to Sydney Australia. There I can make a shadow fall due south. On the other hand, you may just be easier to rotate your model 180 degrees.



Use the plugin “Solar North” to change the north direction by 180 degrees.

Adding: Find the plugin through ‘Extension Warehouse’ in SketchUp.
The plugin can be found under SketchUp Team as Solar North.


Great Thank you, I will try that.