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I have set up a small house design, and when I add the location, the building gets rotated on varies axes! How can I make Google Earth insert the location on the same axes?


By default, the solid green +y axis is true north in SketchUp.
That is, when the Drawing Axes are in their default location/orientation.

Are you certain the Drawing Axes were in their default position when you built the model?
Right click on one of the axes > Reset (Do this in empty space, away from any geometry)

Add Location does tend to move true north away from the +y axis a small amount, say, ± 3° degrees.
How much did your model rotate?


Hi Geo,

The model rotated at least 45 degrees in one direction and about 10 degree in the other. I think I will need to play around with the reset you mention. Thanks for taking the time.


Click … View > Toolbars > Solar North

No matter how you may have altered the Drawing Axes, the orange North Axis is always true north.


Hi Geo, no my model is now 45 degrees tilted away from north. I am on a Mac, have the latest version 15 Pro, and there is no such thing as ‘solar north’ on my pallets. An ‘orange’ North axis… sorry have not seen this before. I am really stumped!

Thanks for taking the time anyway.


Try loading the model or at least a screen shot to give us something to go on.


I have now re-installed the geo-location from Google to make the screenshot, and now its correct and right way up!!! By the way, how do I insert a screenshot into this messaging system?


See the icon pointed at in attached image:

Also see if you can download the plugin ‘Solar North’ in the ‘Extention Warehouse’ from within SketchUp. Then activate its toolbar to see the button to toggle ‘True North’ on/off, athick orange line from the origin to infinity.