Why does the Sketchup geolocation create a different orientation than Google Earth, when previewed in Google Earth

When creating my layouts in Sketchup I require correct orientation and location, and for this I set the plan in place with the Sketchup geolocation function. However, when I then preview in Google Earth and save as KMZ file, the orientation is several degrees incorrect.

How do I know which is the correct orientation - Sketchup or Google earth?

Is there any extension for sketchup that can set the correct orientation for the geolocation layer?

Your suggestions are greatly welcomed. Thanks, Andy

We get our information from Google, so I’d check the Google Earth forums as well.

Ok, Thanks, I will set up a question there.

If your talking rotational degrees…

You can install the Solar North angle extension on Pro, to make it easier to set the Y-axis to a real world compass point.
Window (menu) > Extension Warehouse
Go to the SketchUp Team page, and scroll down to SolarNorth and install it.

Then (in SketchUp) upon first install, the Solar North toolbar will be opened.

Hi Dan, thank you for the suggestion, I have done that now, but am still uncertain where the true north is. It seems the Solar North tool just gets set to whatever angle I attribute to it. As I’m working from what appear to be incorrectly orientated maps, I’m still unsure how to orient my plans in sketchup to north.

Via the setting you are really setting what the model’s Y-axis varies from true north.


There are two ways to geo-locate a SketchUp model.
True north in relation to the SU world axes will vary, depending upon which one you use.
It’s impossible to help you set things right unless you tell us in certain terms what you’re doing.

Which method of geo-location did you use?
• File > Geo-location >Add Location ?
• Window > Model Info > Advanced Settings > Set Manual Location ?

See these topics…

I just did a little experiment with location ‘Golden Gate’ and some geometry in full length of the bridge.

The preview seems correct in Google Earth. And the orange solar north differs 0.319 degrees (counterclockwise) from SketchUp’s north (system green).
Also the meridian seems to have the same direction as SketchUp’s green.

Note: compass/magnetic north would not be useful (= varies depending on ones location on earth)

@wowo.sketchup: so where is your location that you get a differens of several degrees.