Geo-location messes up Standard Views

I’ve geo-located a project in a new SU file then brought in a building footprint drawing, orientated it to suit the geo-located terrain, re-orientated my axes to enable modelling on the imported footprint. Modelling all went fine, no problems but then when trying to set up views using the standard views of top, front, left etc. and section views, they are linked to the geo-location terrain map and not the axes of my model. The model is at about 45º to North so the top view shows the building at about 45º, Front shows two skewed elevations etc. and sections are at a very wierd angle.
What do I need to do to correct this? The views are virtually unworkable when imported into Layout!
I have read somewhere on here that maybe I need to rotate the entire model to line up with the imported terrain North and then adjust solar North too but I’m not too clear how I do that.



Actually the geo-location doesn’t mess up the Standard views. The Standard views are fixed and are independent of geo-location or model axis orientation. You can set up views to align with the front, rear, and sides of your building by right clicking on a face that is in the desired orientation and selecting Align View. then create a scene. Repeat for the other elevations.

Great, Thanks DaveR
That’s worked for the elevations and sections but the plan view still has to be rotated manually with the Orbit tool to get it as parallel as I can with the display edges so it comes in square to Layout sheet edges. I suppose I could still bring it into Layout on the angle and then use the dimension tools to measure the actual angle relative to a line parallel to the sheet edge and then rotate by that angle. It seems a bit of a faff!
The Sections when brought into layout are also displaying as Perspective views despite being set up as Parallel projections in SU and the Views updated, file saved and reference updated in Layout. …but I can work with it for now.
Thanks again


You can use Tig’s Rotate Plan View to correct that. It’s old but works in 2021.

Thanks Box
I’ll give that a go. :slight_smile: