Orthogonal top view for geo-located building


In SketchUp Pro, I’m curious if there is a way to get a perfectly orthogonal top view with parallel projection for a scene with a section cut through a rectangular building that has been geo-located.

The axes align with the footprint of the building, but since the geo-location parcel is skewed relative to these axes, the top view is slightly rotated when I go from an elevation view (front, back, side) to the top view. This is the case whether or not the Google Earth layers are on.

I can get it very close manually, but the plans are for construction documents, so I’d like to get the view exactly orthogonal with the axes and the paper.


Thanks Quantj,

I think my best bet would be to keep the building and the axes as they are, and then start over with geo-location using the current orthogonality.


What I do is:
Add the Geo-location (It’s crooked not line up with the model axes)
Unlock it and open the component and change its axes to match whatever building axes I got
Copy/Paste everything into a new file and since now the model’s axes is correct, it’ll paste and be lined up with the axes.
Now if you want a top ortho view, it’s straight.

Thanks Qunatj, that did the trick.

I didn’t have success copying the geo-location information to the new file, but I did copy and paste the building over and now the parallel projection is orthogonal when I go from a side view to the top view. That’s the most important thing, so I’m happy with the resolution.


Under model info, you can add coordinates, but not sure it’ll be accurate in angle. I feel like the model is set to a north/south direction and since the land isn’t properly facing North, when you change the axes, it will never be perfect.

I can’t quite follow what you are doing to accomplish the correct otrho plan view.

But in general (but this will also help you out):

  • rotate the drawing axes red and green (blue stays up) the way you would like them to line up with the building
  • right click on an axis in empty space and select ‘Align View’ in the context menu. The green axis will point up on screen in the next view.

This way you can align the buildings any way you like in plan view without changing anithing but (temporarily) changing the drwaing axes. Save a scene with these axes. So it will only be a “one scene” thing for you.

Right click an axis and select reset to get the systems axes back.