How to place the top view in the orientation I need?

Watch in the video, I need to have a straight top view, aligned with the wedding altar but when I click on top view it comes back to default, are there a quick way to align the top view in the orientation of my choice?

What is there to see in the video?

Idk why they are not uploading, its avi

In general:

  • switch to ‘Parallel’ projection and ‘Top View’
    -redraw the model axes: click once for the new origin > then drag red and when satisfied, triple click to set all three axes.
  • hover over a (new) drawing axis in empty space and right click.
  • Select ‘Align View’ in the context menu. Green will be pointing up on screen.
  • (save this scene with the reoriented top view).

This should only take you a few seconds.

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thats it! thank you very much