Geo Orientated Sketch Up drawing is not orthogonal for Layout, what to do?

For a presentation I have to present plans, sections and elevations of a building which is situated in a site that is geo-orientated. The problem is that my building, which is a regtangular form is not visible in 90 degrees, but comes within an angle, when pressing the Top-View button for example. Probably I’m doing something wrong and hopefully it all can be solved by pressing a few buttons. So far I’m not able to manage it. Can somebody help me out. Thanks a lot in advance!

First you need to start in SketchUp and create scenes of your appropriate views. The standard Top view will always be aligned with the default x and y axes. There’s at least one extension that will let you rotate the camera for a top view so you can align it with the model. Or you can rotate the viewport when you get to LayOut.

For elevation views, select a face on a wall to which you wish to align the camera. Right click on that face and choose Align View. Then create a scene that you can use for a viewport in LO. Repeat for the other elevations as needed. Choose the scene in LO. Do not select the Standard View in LO. Your scenes will already have the views you need.

Edit: TIG’s Rotate Plan View would be an option for dealing with the plan view of your off-axis model.

Hi @Urban, another extension to consider for plan view alignment is ThomThom’s Camera Tools. As an example see my post “Camera View for Site Plan” where I solved the same problem. Best.

I have also made an extension just for this. This one doesn’t require you to enter an exact angle, but sets sets a top view with an up direction from the previous camera. This means you can align the view to a face, and then use the extensions, without having to care what actual angle really is.


Thanks for the support! Awesome Forum!!

@Eneroth3: what a cool tool/plug-in, just the one I was looking for! Thanks again

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I love this extension and use it often.

What would also be useful is a ‘relative aligned view’ extension that aligns any view to a chosen plane without changing the camera position.(or maybe more correctly, without changing what is currently framed within the scene).

When you use either the standard views, or the ‘align view’ command, you often totally change camera position / scene framing. What I want is to be sure when I have a parallel-projected view, that I’m not tilted off-axis, but retain whatever POV I’ve previously chosen.

Maybe there’s already a way to do this?

You mean like this?

Click a face to simply orient the camera towards that face without moving the camera eye point. If you press Alt the camera is centered on the point you click, meaning you look straight onto it.

Exactly like that! Perfect.

I’m a fan of your work and appreciate the significant contribution you’ve made to making SU a better and easier-to-use platform.

Thank you.

No plugin required to setup the right views to create scenes for LayOut.

Simply use the ‘Axes’ tool to setup the red/green drawing plane according to what needs to be perpendicular to the camera in your next view and scene.
Switch to ‘Parallel Projection’ mode.
Then right click on an axis and select ‘Align View’ in the context menu. Green points up on screen and positive red to the right.
Save that view in a scene.

In other words: any new red/green plane is how SketchUp projects your model on screen with the right click ‘Align View’ option.

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