Changing preset viewports to align with model

How do you change the default viewport alignments? I want to align my “Plan Veiw” with the model elements and not the default alignment. I have tried changing the XYZ axis with no luck, Have looked in help files and searched in the topics here but cant find anything…either its simple and I am blind or I am missing something. Any advice?


You can’t ! You’ll have to rotate your model.
If you really don’t want to, for elevations, you can right click on a face and align view, but won’t be able to change defaults alignments

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As you refer to viewports, I assume you mean in Layout.

You generally have to move the handle of the viewport to something like a corner in the drawing and then use inferencing off a corresponding point in an adjoining viewport that you wan to line up with.

There’s the often forgotten way to get the exact view(-port) in SketchUp itself. There’s no need to rotate the model.
Perspective overview

aligned to middle section / parallel projection

Aligned to the right section / parallel projection

elevation middle section

elevation right section

As you can see, all you have to do is change the axes where green will need to be straight up, blue towards the viewer. The context menu on red or green > align view > desired result.


hello Wo3Dan,
there’s no need to do such a thing ! simply right click on a face and align, like I said. (and for plans align axes first and align along red axe) As for the “you can’t”, I was just answering the original question - I believe that’s what we are meant to do here - "can we change default view alignements ? "
I’m not sure it is wise to offer defining blue axe horizontal.

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Awesome…the align view was the missing thing I hadn’t found. Many thanks. I knew there must be a simple solution just couldn’t find it in the help menus. Thanks a million guys. :slight_smile

Again thanks gents, I was only asking about changing the default view based on the assumption I didnt know about the “align view” and the only way to get the perfect top view was to hit the preset viewport for “Top”. This solution is what I was actually chasing but hard to ask for it if you dont know of it ha ha…thanks for the help.

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