Geolocate model, set plan view, north is not "up"

Here’s a problem I have not solved in over fifteen years of using sketchup.
You geolocate a model.
You hit View/Plan
You get a plan view and north is invariably not straight up.
I end up panning around until I get north pretty much up the page, then try to hover as close as I can to the z-axis, and then save the scene.

Is there some way to make real geolocated north in the plan view go straight up the page and NOT mess up the geolocations & shadows accuracy?

The standard views are fixed and can’t be adjusted. You could use an extension such as Eneroth Relative Top View or TIG’s Rotate Plan View to rotate the camera to align as you want it.

Rotate Plan View is exactly what I needed. THANKS…and thanks to TIG again.