3d back to 2d (plan) after playing with rotate tool



I made my plan in 2D then used the push/pull tool to pull my walls up. ¡Then I used the rotate tool to play around with it! ¿How do i go back to 2D plan view? I’ve saved it


I FIGURED IT OUT! You smash it back down with push/pull! God I love this software!


Quoting you from another thread:

As a “wannabe an architect”, you really should be using SketchUp Pro. And with SketchUp Pro comes the companion program: Layout - designed specifically to (among other things) make it easy to create 2D views of 3D objects created in Sketchup.

Seems to me that using the SketchUp/Layout combination would let you not have to “smash” the walls back to 2D!


Thank You!


You don’t need to do that. And if you do, you may remove the wall altogether.

To see a plan view, use menu Camera/Standard Views/Top and Camera/Parallel projection.


And… apply section planes to cut the model at say 1m height, looking down. Just as a start, to see what also SketchUp Make can do for you.


Thank you! Very good! I’m making pretty good progress


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