How to shift back to plan template. Mac SketchUp 2019

I started in plan view template to draw my floor plan, than I used pull tool just to see something in 3D, now I can find any option how to get back in plan tamplate to keep on finishing the floor plan. I am working on apple computer. (mac book pro)
It would seem logical to go back and forth…?

Menu>Camera>Standard Views>Top View

Create a scene specifically for the view you want. Then you can just click on the scene tab.

I tried that. it still showing in 3D.

Set Camera>Parallel Projection.

in any other programs Autocad Archicad Revit you can go back and forth… not here?

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Yes you can. At any time. As I wrote before you can create scenes for specific views so you can return to them at any time.

By the way, your profile indicates you are using the free web-based version but you posted in the Pro category. It seems your profile needs to be corrected.

Peww that did it… but can I really continue in this use measuring tools etc. like a normal floor plan?

Yes. You can. It sounds like you should spend some time actually learning how to work in SketchUp. Starting with the Fundamentals would be a good idea.

Will that seen keep getting updated as I develop my plan or takes me back to the 3 walls I drawn so far…? I am checking out the 30 day free demo on pro see if it make sense to buy it. I have Revit but wanted a quicker more fun program for small projects.

Yes, I jumped in watched a couple videos and figured it be easy…

The scene will show the geometry as it exists in the model. You could use groups, components and layers to control what is visible in each scene.

SketchUp is not that difficult but don’'t try using it like AutoCAD, Archicad, or Revit. It isn’t those programs. People who try to force it to act like other programs just end up fighting it and frustrating themselves. Take the time to learn how to use SketchUp correctly and it will be fun and easy.

Okay thank you! you are great. I am also a painter and sculptor so I like to see what it can do for my ideas. May not need the pro just keep doing design work on Revit… I have to learn more you are correct!

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you can also use ‘Zoom previous’ that is located in the large toolset: