New user, new designer


Hello! When I open sketchup and choose a template it shows me a 2D surface. In the tutorial videos it shows 3D. There is no camera tab at the top like in the tutorial video and the view tab doesn’t help either. How do I get it to look like a 3D space instead of 2D.

Thank you for any help on this


take a look at this link.

i also think you are referring to “views” toolbar as well.

I have no idea which tutorial you are talking about, above is my only guess
good luck!


hold down your scroll wheel and wobble your mouse…

on your mac, you can set your Custom Toolbar to include all the Standard Views, then it’s one click to switch…

or from the SU menu >> Camera >> Standard Views >> Iso is what you need…


customise toolbar link


I have just realized that during the download it added other programs to my computer. I was using something called Layout which appears to be a sister product 2D vector program. I am now opening the correct program [Sketchup] and it is just like the tutorial videos. Thank you so much

When wondering why the TV won’t work first check to see if it’s plugged in…


You got it while I was typing… Lay Out is another feature but the stuff below may still help you speed up modeling …

Hello are you talking about the ISO view that shows all three axes. If it opens in TOP or FRONT they are 2D flat canvas to model on. This may help you as I am guesting it is the solution that you are looking for. From Camera>to Standard Views will list the 7 possible “looks” SU offers you. I assigned shortcuts to mine using the Alt key. If you go to VIEW>then Toolbars> scrolling down through the list of tools and check on VIEWS. This will gives you the selection icons to place or drag around with you. To help speed things up.