Cannot find the beginning training template in the standard template

In Mac I went to features and then templates looking for beginning training template but I cannot find any such template

What beginning training template are you looking for? Like a basic tutorial?

I was trying the Sketchup Basic for K-12 Education , part 4. It required to go to preference and then to templates; and then it asks to open the 2nd from the bottom last and says it would be beginning template but i see three D printing.

In the instruction video a 2D screen props up but I am not able to duplicate it when I open the Sketchup.



I checked the video and my own Sketchup 2014. I’m on a mac, and also don’t have it. I think the video’s old and it was in the older Sketchup versions, back when it was Google.

Thanks! how to get to a screen for 2D template!

I don’t know what 2D pop up you’re referring to. In the video, they’re not in a ‘2D’ mode, just simply viewing their model from a top view. You can access the views from Camera drop down menu.

Hi @diratiinc,

The ‘Construction Documentation’ templates that can be found under Preferences > Template start you in SketchUp in the Top, 2D view.

  • Chris

Chris! Thanks a bunch, I am now at least one step ahead.