Sketchup for beginners... landscape design

I have a mac book pro and want to learn to do Landscape Designs with Sketchup… how do I make a page layout in 2D to begin…

SketchUp is a 3D surface modeling application that is similar to CAD modelspace.

LayOut is the 2D documentation application that is similar to CAD paperspace. LayOut viewports can look into the modelspace by seeing through the 3D model’s scene camera(s). So, if you wished to have a top view looking down at the model, you would create a scene in SketchUp using the standard Top view camera, and create a viewport in LayOut that used that scene. (So it helps to name your scenes with descriptive names that make sense.)

Now, all that said, yes you can just draw a 2D outline of a building, in SketchUp, and paste in 2D plant components. There must be some video tutorials on YouTube that show this. (But it is a waste of SketchUp’s 3D power. You can use any of the numerous free 2D CAD applications for that.)

BTW, there are some books specifically on this subject:

hi Dan… thanks for your information… !! very helpful… BTW… when
I pull up the main menu of sketchup there is no left side bar of options…
how do I get this left edge option bar visible… ? Thanks Jamie

Hello @jamiehd,

You place the toolbars in the positions where you want them to be located. No particular left side bar exists within the program. When you have your screen arranged with all toolbars as desired, you should save the skp file as a template and new SketchUp files will open with the same arrangement.

To see your toolbars, go to View > Toolbars (at the main menu ribbon). A dialog box will appear. Check the x in the box adjacent to the toolbars you want to display and then the position can be set as preferred.

You may find it helpful to review the following videos on the attached playlist as well: Getting Started Video Playlist

Thanks so much for the speedy reply… I will try this. Jamie