Camera revert

Something I would like to see is a radio button that restores the model to the previous saved view.

Let me explain - I save a model and open it in layout. I realize that I need to go change something in the original model. I go back to SU make the change, which invariably involves moving the model this way or that. Then I try to get it approximately in the same location / angle of view - then save it, go back to LO and update the reference.

If all goes well all the labels align etc. If not, it is a mess.

Were there such a button, it could perfectly reset the model in it’s last saved location, angle of view, etc.

Probably someone will say that is what scenes are for. The problem is I don’t always make scenes - and I have had the same problem when I open a scene and the model’s askew.

Anyway that is my suggestion.


Yes, that is what scenes are for. Without scenes, SketchUp has no way to know which view you want to return to. Creating a scene is just one click.

You are missing a crucial step in your SketchUp to LayOut workflow. Always save your desired SketchUp view as a scene, and, in LayOut, set your SketchUp model view to reference that scene. That is the only available way to keep your sanity.


I agree with Anssi.

Further more, you should create yourself a template with default scene pages.

My template has a “Work” scene (which is what I model in and it’s camera can change however need be as it’s never used for anything but modeling.)
Then I also have a “Thumbnail” scene (obviously used for the thumbnail view,) and a “Print” scene.

Each of these scene pages also has a corresponding style with the same name. (Each has radically differing style settings.)

If you do likewise, and as Anssi says, always add your LayOut viewport scenes, perhaps with their own style(s), and then always do modeling in a “Model” or “Work” scene, you’ll not “nobble” the viewport scenes.

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Yes use scenes. And once you do what both posts above recommend, you don’t have to repeat the steps again!