Where is PC version of layout scene reset button?

my scene wont update on layout (Sketchup Pro PC user). my MAC user friend suggested I press this button (see photo) where is it on PC version?? or any advice on how to get scenes to update in layout???

I don’t see any photo, but you can update the viewports by selecting them right click update model reference.

Resetting applies to overrides that have been done in LayOut to a SketchUp view’s camera, style and tag settings, and the Reset buttons can be found in the SketchUp model tray when you scroll down.

Thanks Fancisquiof. This still doesn’t work though… for some reason my viewport won’t update to a different scene

Share the LO file.

I received your LO file in a PM.The the viewport shows that the Camera has been modified. In that case changing the scene will not change the camera position to match other scenes if those scene have a different camera position.

In your model, though, the only properties saved to the scenes are Hidden Objects and Shadow Settings. In your model all of the scenes are identical so there’s no reason to expect the viewport to change its appearance.

Rookie mistake.

ok great, thanks. so all the ticks need to be ticked except the camera position - or including the camera position? (yes - the angles are all different)

Generally all of the boxes including the Camera position should be ticked when you are creating scenes.

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