Newbie Push Pull Question - Shortcut to Go Back to 2D/"Flatten"

Very new, so please excuse this simple question, improper terminology, etc:-)

After making a 3D object using Push Pull, is there any sort of a shortcut like the person in the vid below that immediately takes the 3D shape back to 2D?:

I’m attempting a floor plan, and when trying to get the walls back to 2D after extruding them with Push Pull, I’m having all sorts of trouble, as when I try to get it “flat” again it just puts it “on the surface” level and thus makes the walls disappear.

Thanks for any assistance.

Do you really want to make the walls a 2D outline? If you set the Camera to Parallel Projection and select the standard Top view, the model will have the appearance of 2D without remove the 3D-ness.

You can also make a 2D cut from your 3D so you don’t have to ‘undo’ everything. Add a section plane then right-click and choose ‘make group from cut’.

Or you can try Eneroth’s Flatten to Plane extension.