Can I stop sketchup deleting faces after a push (pull)?


I do a lot of push pulling, usually starting with 2d faces.

Sometimes i pull a face upward, then want to push it back downward to make it 2D (flat) again… Then sketchup deletes the original face and bounding edges.

How can I ask it to stop doing that?



Undo will undo the pushpull without deleting the face


Thanks for your reply.
In my case (SUPro, windows) , Undo just returns the face to its original (pulled) position.


Undo should work if it’s the last thing you did.
On the other hand either delete the top and sides or use the move tool.


I suppose if you knew well enough to plan the process you can copy the geometry you want to retain before pushing it…then when you “un-push” it you can paste in place


You see my problem? :slight_smile: everything’s connected.
Unfortunately planning in advance is a luxury I dont have.

This isn’t a problem confined to my current model, it’s something i encounter a lot in models of many scales (current one is 2500m long). Maybe i’m just a push-pull junkie?


To be honest I don’t really understand what you are doing or why you want to push it back to flat.


One solution might be to make all your 2D geometry a group, copy it in place then you can push and pull and delete and have the original 2D still there.


just type ‘M’ ?


In this example I have a 2d site plan showing approx 1400 residential sections (plots, you could call them) in 2d. My task is to design the level of the finished building slab and set retaining wall heights, which I will document for the civil & structural engineers who are responsible for constructing them. To do this. I pull the building platforms up to a certain height to meet the adjacent road (the height also has a relationship to other platforms/building areas, retaining walls, driveways, battered slopes, manholes, etc). …In the screenshot I’ve hidden the roads and other info, but it’s a very complex civil design surface/mesh).

My reason for pushing the faces back downward is that, after pulling upward, I may find an issue where the slab shape doesnt work (it would make a driveway too steep, for example). To remedy this, i might need to change the original 2d face (e.g. I would shift the building slab area further away from the road to lessen the grade on the driveway).

Another common example where push-pull deletes faces that i want to keep, is when I’m pulling up walls of a house from a 2d floor plan. I would push them back down if i decide to change something in the wall (i make the change in 2d, then pull up in 3d. But pushing down usually (not always) results in the original face/edges being deleted.

I was hoping there’d be a simple toggle key for “keep original face” when pushing. Alt, Shift, etc don’t seem to work.

Also - how do you capture those cool little videos? They make things so easy to understand/explain!


There are various screen capture to gif options available, licecap, screenpresso and gifcam to name just 3 that spring to mind.

I’m not really understanding why you need to go back to 2d to adjust the shape or position. Everything is pushable or moveable or draw onable in 3d.

But basically if there is attached geometry the face won’t be deleted whereas if you push a single face down on itself it will be deleted. On the other hand, moving a face down onto itself will retain the face.
Perhaps you should be moving the faces up to the level you want rather than P/P ing them up.

If you are able to attach a section of one of your models I may be able to understand better what you need. There may be a way to optimize your workflow.


ScreenToGif works well for me.


Select the top surface you want to push/pull but instead use the move tool, lock the blue axis if you need to. That leaves the original 2D shape.


I’d probably erase the top and side faces. How quickly it can be selected depends on how the model is organized though. Usually groups are used which makes it very fast to make a box select but in this situation I suspect all geometry is drawn in the same drawing context (?).


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