Push pull not deleting face

I use the push pull tool to trim a board by drawing a line on one surface and pushing the surface that I do not want into the other surface. Sometimes it trims the board deleting the surface it pushed the selected surface to. Other times it leaves the surface and I then have to go in and erase it manually. I cannot figure out how to control wether it deletes the surface or leaves it. In most cases I want to delete the residual surface.
Explanation or direction will be greatly appreciated.

One possibility is that you need to be more careful to get an inference snap to the far surface before you click to finish the pushpull. There are alternatives, but that seems the most likely and without watching over your shoulder or seeing a problem model I can’t tell.

I give it numerous try using the undo Command + Z and trying again, but once it does not delete the surface it seems to be set on not deleting the surface. I push it until the little red box says that is as far as you can go. I am not sure how to provide a problem model.


Upload the SKP file for your model so we can see what you are getting and more easily determine the right fix.

Go figure. I went back to my model to prepare it to send. I tried to reproduce the problem but could only get it to leave the face very intermittently. When it happens to me where I cannot correct it with an undo and try again, I will make a copy of the model then and there and send it along.

Thanks for your help.

Does this happen only with certain Faces but not with others? If so, that suggests the possibility that the other surface of your board is not quite parallel to the starting one. We eagerly await seeing a sample model :sunglasses:

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