Perspective views (am I missing them or are they coming)?

By the way : if someone knows how to make Sketchup Make 2016 work with MacOS Monterey without crashing I’d be happy, it’s enough for me !

Much like the Standard views options, your inability to find the Print options doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

as DaveR mentioned it, the print to scale option exists only in the Shop version. Is he wrong ?

My mistake, I thought you said it had no print options at all.

By the way, the free downloadable Make version also doesn’t have print to scale.

You are wrong on that point, It does. In the file parameters you could mention the print scale. Here’s a screenshot … before the app crashes

I don’t use mac.

it’s a Sketchup Make feature, I don’t know if it’s different on a Windows PC

On Mac it’s under Document Setup… on Windows there is Print Preview.

Is there a reason you don’t use SketchUp Make 2017? That lasts longer under Monterey. Here’s the Mac disk image:

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