Look around zoom

In my new Sketchup pro 2023 version, my look around view seems to be way zoomed in. It does not seem to be a natural view at all. Never had this problem before. Is there a setting I am missing? It’s like it’s a view through a telescope. Things that should be 50 ft away feel right up close. I can’t take any perspective shots for my client proposal.

Tap z then type 35 and hit enter, does that fix it?

Dude, you are brilliant. Yes, it worked. Thank you.

That’s the field of view, 30 to 35 is the standard, you must have altered that at some point.
On the Camera menu you will find a field of view tool, if you activate this and move it up and down on the screen you will see what is happening.

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This might help understanding zoom and field of view. It’s only a few minutes long but has some very interesting items in it.

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For those who don’t know it, with the Zoom tool, if you follow the number with mm (millimeters), SU uses that as a camera lens focal lens.

Small values are for short focal length or wide angle lens and large values are for long focal length or telephoto lens.