How do I reduce perspective?


I am new.

Stupid question I know but how (the heck) do I get less perspective?
I am designing a tiny component and Sketchup makes it look like the size of a massive building… and is starting to make me feel sick!



Use your mouse wheel to zoom out?

What do you mean by “strong perspective”? What if you select the Zoom tool and type in a smaller angle of view or a larger focal length?


You can adjust the field of view. Click Camera > Field of View. Then enter a number representing the desired focal measurement length in mm. 35 (mm) is often referenced. You can experiment with the appearance of the model by changing the field of view size until the appearance is what you want.

Do not attempt to direct the focus to the value control box.
Just type the number in space.

Yes adjusting the field of view seems to help!
Many thanks

btw, for some ppl the focal length can be a bit of confusing numbers for some people who aren’t used to photography.

You can also type in something like “35 deg” or “60 deg” for actual degree!

*Note the default value is 35 degrees in SketchUp and 30 degrees in SketchUp Pro

Wait OK now that I’ve got perspective to appear bottom right as a number, I can see that you can change the angle by dragging the mouse up and down the screen, whereas Shift/drag or Scroll wheel zooms without changing then perspective angle… Sorry I should have spotted that. [sigh]