Not able to change FOV

Hello there,

I’m new to SketchUp, so if i’m just overlooking something please let me know.

I’m currently trying to change my Field of View in the Free Web version. This should be done with the Zoom tool, so i selected that. In all videos i see, there should be a box on the bottom right where you can manually enter the degrees for the FOV. This does not appear on my computer, it keeps saying ‘Measurements’ and i can’t type anything in the box. So that does not work.

Also you should be able to use the Shift key in combination with moving the mouse up or down to change the FOV. Well, that doesn’t work either as it just zooms as it would have without pressing the Shift key.

So how do i now change the FOV?

It’s the Measurements box where you enter all dimensions and other things to interact with the tools. If you aren’t seeing that window, is it just below the edge of the screen?

Here mine shows Focal Length instead of Field of View because I last entered a focal length by including mm.

No. That’s a Desktop version thing.

It should look like this, and don’t try to click on the box, just let go of the mouse, type and hit enter.

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I see the ‘measurements’ box, but i can’t select it or type anything. It doesn’t change as it is supposed to.

You don’t select it. Just get the Zoom tool and type a new FOV. You never click in the Measurements box to use it with any tool.

I can type whatever i want, but nothing happens

Sounds like you are selecting the wrong zoom tool, not the one with the box around it.

No i have the correct zoom tool. Tried selecting it from the menu as well as the Z key.

Are you using perspective mode ?
Or parallel mode?


What browser?

Can you take a screenshot so we can see what isn’t happening.

How can i see what mode i’m using?

Chrome brower on Windows 10

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I’m on the wrong device now (mobile) to show you.

Clearly from your screen shot you are modeling in Parallel Projection. Don’t. That’s the lower icon on the left.

Model in Perspective. Save Parallel Projection for export.

Here I’m working in Perspective and the field of view changes with no problem.


DaveR That’s it indeed. Thanks!

Thank @Wo3Dan. He guessed your problem first.

See the edit to my previous post.

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Thanks @Wo3Dan :slight_smile:

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And if the screenshot had been included in your original post we wouldn’t have needed to guess.
So when asking questions include as much info, images and Models as you can so we don’t need to go back and forth guessing possibilities.


Sometimes foreigners see things from a different perspective.

Aren’t we all foreigners, I suspect there are four nationalities in this thread already, which one do you consider not foreign?