Latest release issues with shortcuts etc

The latest issue of SKP has an outraging issue - when you use a shortcut to access a tool such as a circle, using a key like ‘c’ for instance - the tool initiates however the field where typically you were able to enter the amount of sides, is now populated with letter ‘c’. This means you first need to delete letter ‘c’ and only then enter the value for sides.

The same happens with field of view. Enter ‘z’ for field of view, and boom, there’s a letter ‘z’ in the input line!!

This is extremely frustrating when modelling. Please fix this ASAP.

Second Issue - the new modelling icons, when a tool is engaged, like ‘move’ or ‘eraser’ are worse than before for speed of modelling. Can an option to revert to original be added, or current ones amended?


Yes, it’s an issue, a known issue, it’s apparently fixed but waiting to be pushed with the next update.
a quick look around would have give you the answer, here for example in this message from 20h ago,

nothing announced / planned on the horizon no.
describe your “speed of modelling” issue ?

I see you don’t have a graphics card, maybe that’s why ? without a graphics card, a computer can’t even show images, so I suppose you don’t know what it is / if it’s a good one ?

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