Some Shortcut keystrokes show in Status Bar entry field

I’m using Sketchup 2023.1.340. Windows 11 latest updates, 64-bit.

Most of the time – though oddly, not all of the time, shortcut keystrokes will show up typed in the status bar where the value is usally entered.
e.g. I have Camera/Zoom set to Z. When I type the letter z, the cursor shows up in the status bar (“Focal length” field), waiting for entry, but with the letter z already entered in front of whatever value I can type. I have to backspace to remove the z to enter, say, 35mm, or type a value and hit enter, then retype the value again, as repeated value entries work as normal.

A second interface oddity too: I’ve got Spacebar set to ‘Tools/Select’. If I’m in the Z)oom tool already and press Space, nothing appears to happen until after I move the mouse. So if I’m in Zoom and press Space, the tool icon doesn’t change until after I move the mouse. Or, I can hit Esc and get back to keyboard control where pressing Space does work again.

And while I’m at it: The snaps seem positively loopy in the version. Either they’re far too aggressive about nearby objects or I can’t snap to something directly in front of me, say the corner of a rectangle, because it’s too busy leaping around to a spot 50ft away (in real life, but only a few 10s of pixels away onscreen.)

You mean the Measurements window? This is a known issue and the developers are working on a fix.

Hi, I did a search before opening this one. I’ve seen similar complaints from others and from various dates in the past, but they were often short of detail on the effects, so I opened up this one with some [hopefully added detail] – like the mouse behavior – to hopefully give a clue to where the bug is hiding.



BTW, please update your forum profile. It says you’re still using SU2019.

I agree with Dave, update your profile and make some effort to learn how to use the tools on offer.

It took a while to fix some of those issues. I think most of them are fixed by now, in our internal version. I can’t give you a date for when there will be an update with the fixes in it.


I’ll be happy to update my profile. I’ve been using Sketchup since Google built version 1, so I’ve got a fairly decent grasp of how the tools work already, having spent years learning their nuances. Thanks for the suggestions.

Ok my mistake.

Although google had nothing to do with version 1.

You’re technically correct. I’ll re-specify “since ‘Version 6’”; Google’s first version offered under their branding. Either way, a little less aggression would be appreciated, you’re talking to me like a troll and it’s rude.

Not to worry, I won’t bother you again.