Am I from an Alternate Universe of keyboard commands?

I’ve been using SU for years, on and off. I have developed a few unconscious key-command sequences which are not working the way they used to, and after searching in the forums, I don’t see any evidence that the keys ever worked as I want to use them. I know I did use them ( the muscle memory is very well ingrained) and I have discovered the “new way” to work. I need to know if anyone out there has the same experience, please.

For instance: the simple task of specifying dimension used to involve hitting the TAB key to highlight the values in the dimension box (lower right corner), and then I’d type in the dimension. It doesn’t work that way anymore. Did it ever, I now wonder? The tab key now shifts a selection (highlight surround) of tools in the tool bar.

The tab key switch-up interfered with another tic of mine, using the space bar to get the selection tool (black arrow). If I hit that tab key (in the muscle memory dimension routine), the arrow is no longer the default tool (correct term?) and hitting space brings up geo location or another window (this I have seen on the forums, so other people have that experience.)

It was only last year when I was using SU the “old” way… what changed? Can I go back? Is there anyone with the same experience?

The Measurement Box is always ready for input, no need to hit TAB before typing… I cannot remember if that was ever needed (not in the last version, for sure). Is it possible this is a habit you picked up from another program, or something?

Thank you for the response, Aaron, I have discovered the “new way” to work. I suppose it’s possible, but I’m sticking with my alternate universe theory.

I had to post here to see if there was anyone else with the same experience, and maybe, even, a way back.


This is the only evidence I have found so far…

This is a Mac only issue that I think has it’s source in OSX system settings.

@Barry, or @slbaumgartner, can you confirm ?

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Works on Mac because our founder made it so. :slight_smile:

I use Mac and have never seen geo location appear by pressing the space bar in any program.

Tab is not needed, but at some point it was made harmless. Pressing Tab just highlights the measurement box text, it doesn’t make it fail to work.

I’ve never had space bring up anything but the select tool, but I too have a vague recollection of somebody noting a system preferences setting that interfered. Was it you @john_drivenupthewall?

Thanks for the reply, Colin. I’m glad you don’t have the spacebar problem, which a few others do.

Pressing TAB in my circumstance does not highlight the VCB (measurement box) anymore, and I think you’ll find others with the same situation. It’s interesting to hear that it does highlight for you! It doesn’t for me anymore.

I should emphasize: everything is working, there is no failure, things are different for some reason. That’s what I’m trying to get at.

slbaumgartner thanks for the assist!

Thanks for helping me out, Dan.

You could have hit Ctrl-Fn-F7, which toggles a setting from System Preferences->Universal Access which moves tab control to ALL controls.

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Tabbing and Shift key behaviour are both modifiable by a System Preference…

barry beat me to it…


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Find the blue halo on a Mac: if you don’t see it, it Ctrl-Fn-F7 and start hitting tab until blue halo on geo-location.

Now once the panel opens, you can’t tab around in it. (I’ve asked for it, because it makes it easier for automated testing, but alas, not a top priority). You have to click on “Add Location…” to complete the action.

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Yes, I thought there were threads here where Mac users where getting a window popup (like Model Info, or whatever,) when they pressed the spacebar.


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You’re awesome, thanks for everything. I wish I could find that tutorial which instructed me to TAB into the VCB! Just another habit to break, I suppose.

Barry, you’ve been the closest to understanding what is going on, thanks. Each new file opened has the blue halo surrounding geo-location. If I hit TAB 4 times, the halo moves to the selection arrow and the spacebar does its old job. I haven’t seen any information on how to change that setting (it’s not a MAC OS setting as far as I can tell), and it’s strange that so few people seem to notice the difference.

You could also just turn it off: Ctrl-Fn-F7 toggles it, and if it’s off you will get the select tool immediately. I’d just leave it off if you don’t need it. I like to leave it on because you can select one option with space bar, another with Return/Enter.

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Since you mention it, I’ve been unable to confirm that Ctrl-Fn-F7 does anything for me, with or with out the “use all function keys as standard keys” option in system preferences selected. So Strange.

OH! and the strangest thing, this whole issue has evaporated. For instance, now when I open a new doc, or any doc at all, the selection tool is what I get when I hit the spacebar. Which is what I want. Did I find my way back to the other side?! PS it “fixed itself” before I started to fool with the Ctrl-Fn-F7 keys. I think.

When you hit Ctrl-Fn-F7, what confirmation is there that something has changed?

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