Keyboard Shortcut Errors in 15pro on mac



Space bar should return to “select”, and always has for years of pro version workflow but these last few weeks it sometimes brings up the window for geolocation and refuses to return to select. Then 5 min later it fixes itself and works again. So far that’s the only one affected, I’ve tired reseting shortcuts, thought maybe I had a secret combination of modifier keys active, but nothing. It’s not really a tragedy but as I haven’t used a tool palette for the simple tools for years it’s annoying, and I’m curious if anyone else has experienced anything similar?


This has come up before. See this: Geo locate opens when I press space bar


U R Da Man. I searched but did not find… looked but did not see. Thanks.


Are you still out there, endlessfix? Did you ever use the TAB key when entering dimensions? For example, ® rectangle tool, click on plane, TAB (highlights dimension field in lower right), enter dimension?

I had the same problem you did with the space bar, and I found it was because TAB key was shifting a default tool selection. Which I don’t think it ever did previously.


sometimes Tab is awesome to highlight dimensions window text for replacement quickly. I have not had any Tab or space bar confusion for a while now all working good. You checked that tab is not assigned to some shortcut? Not even sure you can assign the tab button.