Spacebar doesn't complete command and return to arrow



I have a student who has the listed problem. He’ll draw a shape and normally hitting the spacebar will complete the command and return to the selection arrow. His will not. He has to physically select the arrow from the toolbar.
Is there a fix for this?

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Did he changed the shortcut for the selection tool?


I don’t think so. I think it worked that way as he started working. But it was not a new file.


I assume this is the Tools/Select shortcut. Our template indicates the spacebar for that.


I just opened his file (on my machine) and it worked fine. Is the shortcut setting tied to the file or machine?


It’s in the preferences of Sketchup and not a part of the model.


On Mac, when Accessibility is turned on, it’ll intercept space bar. You’ll see this by System Preferences->Keyboard and the Shortcuts tab, where tab moves keyboard focus between “All Controls”. If you change this to “Text boxes and lists only”, or type Ctrl-F7, it wont interfere. However, you miss the little blue silhouette and the ability to use space bar to click on the blue-halo selected item.

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