Geo locate opens when I press space bar


Every time I press the Space Bar, the Geo Locate window opens. How do I make this stop?

How can you disable geographic location?
Keyboard Shortcut Errors in 15pro on mac

i assume you’re on mac and if so, i assume you’ve inadvertently triggered a shortcut which causes the tab key to move between all controls (and in sketchup, this causes focus to be on the geolocation icon at bottom left)

anyway, do this:
go System Preferences-> Keyboard-> Shortcuts

at the bottom of the dialog, change your setting for Full Keyboard Access back to the default setting of “Text boxes and lists only”


Look for the little blue halo on the Geo icon in the lower right. If this really bugs you, you can hit tab 4 times when you open SketchUp, and then the little blue Mac halo will be over the select tool. Space bar selects whatever the little blue halo is on. It’s a Universal Access thing.


Thank you both! Fixed.


A very late reply but if you wanted to keep the Tabs for all controls, one workaround which I was hoping there was a better one, is to Minimize the drawing you’re working on then Maximizing it back up - that’s my workaround so far as I do want to keep Tabs for all controls.


there is a System Shortcut to toggle Tab 'ing, found on the same dialog…

Ctrl + F7



These solutions are not working for me on my macbook pro with SketchUp 2016. I do not see an option for disabling keyboard shortcuts. Where is this?


You’re a life-saver. Thanks, this was driving me nuts.